Grease Fundamentals Webinar
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Grease Fundamentals Webinar


Chuck Coe, Grease Technology Solutions, LLC

September 17, 2020

2:00PM EST

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Fee: $75 Members | $100 Non-members

This webinar covers the definition of grease, how it differs from oil, what it is comprised of, how it’s manufacture differs from oil blending, typical property definitions, pros and cons of different thickener types and compatibility concerns. The participants will be better able to understand the impacts of thickener type and manufacturing on grease performance, as well as be aware of potential problems from incompatibility.

Learning objectives for Grease Fundamentals Webinar:

  1. The participants will be able to describe the key differences between greases and oils.

  2. The participants will be able to identify better choices among the different thickener types for some basic applications.

  3. The participants will know which grease thickener types are most commonly used and why.

  4. The participants will have an understanding of the complexity and importance of manufacturing processes to the final performance properties of grease.

  5. The participants will realize the danger of depending on generic grease compatibility charts.


* Cancellation Policy*

Substitutions for registrants unable to attend will be accepted any time prior to the beginning of the course. We do ask however, that any course-related materials already received by the registrant be forwarded to the substitute attendee. Substitutions must be submitted in writing to ABMA. Cancellations received 60 days prior to course start date will incur a 25% processing fee. Cancellations received between 30 days and 59 days from the start of the course will incur a 50% processing fee. There are no refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the course start date.